Upleta is a town in Saurashtra region of Gujarat. As a kid when taking an overnight bus to Porbandar, visiting Nanabapu during vacation, Upleta came as a stop in the early morning.

Today, it has a whole new meaning to me. A Mr Gambhir K R from Upleta, wrote a postcard addressed to my dad in Ahmedabad inquiring about my book web@home. [Those who can read Gujarati can read the postcard itself.] Over past 10 years since the book was published, many things have changed in the way we use the Internet but still those who are just starting out, to open a browser, typing a URL in the address bar are new things to small town India. Someone recommended web@home to the man who works as a security guard and has no professional use for it, but wants to learn to use Internet as a hobby. He managed to find my dad’s name and address through common surname. It is definitely a small world but it is also a queer one where a man wishing to learn more about internet is writing a postcard to the writer.
Dad in return, used his name and address on the BSNL website and found his phone number, called him and arranged to send him a free copy. This whole incident makes you wonder if old technology remains new for someone in some corner of the world till it completely dies down.
Another thing I noticed is, he wrote this postcard on the 15th August and started with the salutation ‘Jai Bharat’. I’m addicted to using ‘howdie’ and ‘hola’ these days and his clear cut identity dripping through the postcard makes my Facebook messages look suicidal and fake.
If he will ever get online and Google himself, land on this page and find his postcard or not, I’m not sure. What I’m sure of is that he is going to get the book in a day or two, and he will be able to use email to contact the writers and their fathers asking for the availability of the books he wishes to read in future. Hope he retains the salutation.
Jai Bharat to you all.