A Woody Allen movie gives only two possibilities, either you love it, or you haven’t got it.

Now you can mix and match with these two, for example, you can love it without getting too. If you claim to get it and don’t love it, you’ll automatically fall down the ‘haven’t got it’ rabbit hole. If you are still not satisfied, his next movie tries to explains how we all are often dissatisfied with our present.

Well, this is not the best example of a rant, but it shows an after effect of watching a Woody Allen movie.

At one point of time, in Midnight in Paris, Gil (Owen Wilson) implies that Paris could be the most beautiful, romantic city in the universe. There is no place like Paris anywhere else (nothing new there). Taking this logic, Woody Allen is Paris of the world of cinema. No one can make movies like him. He is so original that there have hardly been any attempts at imitating his style. But yeah, he does repeat his rants. If you have seen and got one of his movies, you’ll get the thread of most others.
He was a quintessential New York man. But has no qualms about admitting he can’t afford to make movies there anymore. Thankfully for viewers, he picks up a beautiful European country these days. You get to see Paris in this movie like never before. He has managed to capture and showcase the timelessness of Paris through his perspective. The first five minutes montage of the glimpses of the city produced a collective ‘awww’ from the audience.
In Midnight in Paris, a Hollywood script writer visits Paris with his fiance and her family. His fiance is more suitable to him on paper (a usual norm of romantic comedies these days). He starts taking mysterious midnight strolls around the city. He bumps into Hemingway here and Fitzgerald there, while Cole Porter is singing in the background. Thus begins a surreal fantasy that is a rare treat for the imagination. Owen Wilson channels Woody spirit quite well.

Sometimes corny, sometimes crisp, more imaginative and poking fun at ‘the pedantic ones’ this movie is endearing. Doesn’t matter if you have been to Paris or not, if you have read some books, have an eye for colours and your eyes gleam at the rain drops, chances are you’ll love this movie.