‘The Iron Lady’, a mediocre biopic with superlative acting, at least left one strong impression in my mind. Thatcher tells a fan who wants to be like her something to this effect: In our times, it was about doing something, now it is all about being someone. We generally associate such sentiments with people who are growing old or are already old. But has the way young people envision their future or cultivate ambition really changed?

Since I saw the movie two months back, whenever I read news, words kept popping out from articles in reference to the thought of ‘being someone’ and ‘doing something’.

The thing is, ‘being someone’ is highly emphasized in pop culture today. The next Rowling, the next Tendulkar, the next Instagram. Everyone and everything promising is labelled ‘the next fill in the blank’ for the world.

This whole jargon of media has perhaps now followed us as it rests in our pockets with our mobile devices. It has taken over the language in which people dream, shape up their ambitions. I somehow feel it could take the individuality out of the next generation that heavily relies on pasting quotes without giving credits. But there is no need to be that cynical just as yet.

After all ‘doing something’ and ‘being someone’ may not be the same thing but these concepts aren’t too contradictory either. The subtle difference between doing something and being someone may not be lost on everyone as both these things are simply stepping stones in achieving worldly success. The problem lies in the dreams of being someone without actually going through the toil of doing something.

Writing this and thinking aloud is giving me a sense of ‘doing something’ but virtual ramblings may not be that substantial if they aren’t backed by real work.