A couple of cousins just had their board exam results in Gujarat. And one of them, a school topper has taken a tumble. Not that she has failed, but a mediocre result in a decisive school year can leave you in a lurch. She is a smart girl and her bright future definitely does not depend on just one result. But there is no way to console her right now.

This is making me a bit nostalgic. I swayed between too serious and too careless in my early school years, but I always had my eyes on the future. I’m living a version of that future right now. My plans have changed along with changing reality but I wonder how much of it all depended on how I performed in school. Almost everyone my age that I communicate with no longer thinks of mark sheets.

We all have stories of our school days. While reminiscing on social network, all one does is tag pals in old school pictures. But no one remembers each other’s mark sheets. And still there was a time when that mark sheet decided the course of our lives.

Education system is changing too fast in India and it takes an effort to stay up to date. The pressure and competition is increasing but is the too distracted generation keeping up with the transition? People do boast about how advanced their kids are about using gadgets, but do they have another level? If yes, what and where is it? It definitely doesn’t seem to be just in the mark sheets.

Eventually it is all mangled somewhere between understanding, curiosity, researching and cramming. I wish I could be a school student now with all the resources and development. But I also feel a bit thankful that I am out of it all before it all got so complicated.

Once again this is a second rambling post in two days. I’m neither questioning the education system nor am I lamenting it all getting complicated. All I have on my mind is: This feels like the best time to be a student and the worst time too.