The moment you enjoy something that is not your ‘type’, instead of doubting your changing tastes, it makes sense to think that the list of things that make you happy is expanding. Why am I starting with almost pretentious words when the things I want to talk about are movies (obviously). No, I’m not talking about ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ and ‘Amor’, I’m talking about ‘MIB 3’ and ‘The Dictator’. Wish I was lucky enough to see the first two but something is better than nothing right?

Let me start with ‘The Dictator’ first. I hadn’t heard of Sacha Baron Cohen till ‘Hugo’. A quick reference search and I became a fan. The gross antiques are very much a part of his style of comedy but ‘The Dictator’ has another level unlike ‘The Hangover’. I hadn’t expected much from the supreme leader of fictitious country ‘Wadiya’, but if people do recover from laughing at the gags, his punches on politics can make everyone look inwards. Is it that philosophical? Naaaah. But in my desperation to justify my enjoying such a movie, I found too many reasons that make it good. So I gleefully throw myself of the high horse and say ‘The Dictator’ is a much needed farce in the current climate. Wish someone could make something so biting and funny about Indian politics. (sadly, the generation that can do this isn’t thinking beyond memes these days).

Next came ‘MIB 3’. Frankly, I haven’t seen the first two movies. But Roger Ebert called it the best in the series , so I had to watch it. There has been enough of time traveling in my past decade full of literature, but this one still made me suspend the reality for 106 minutes. That’s good enough fantasy. Everything was predictable but it was not about the 3D angles and animation anymore, you end up caring for J and K. You might even find Griffin endearing. Griffins are symbolic to resurrection and have deep meanings in fantasy genre, who would have thought you could find depth in a franchise like this?

Next on the list is ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, and ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, if I could swing it. My high horse has galloped away out of sight for now, but you never know when can he make a come back.