‘When Harry Met Sally’, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, ‘You’ve Got Mail’, ‘Julie and Julia’… This is not just a list of favorite movies of 20 or 30 something girls anywhere with a cable connection or a DVD collection, this is also a successful part of writer, director and producer Nora Ephron’s filmography. She passed away today, and for some reason, people who are the source of timeless creations become immortal even when they are alive. Yet somehow they feel more valuable when they leave the world with a sense of loss.

This time the loss is to the now wider genre of RomCom. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Nora revolutionized or redefined the way Romantic Comedies are made and seen. Her characteristic wit reflects in each and every story she told. I’m not much familiar with her personal life and I’m not feeling like googling her just now. But I do remember reading her novel ‘Heartburn’, based on her second marriage and divorce with politician Carl Bernstein, it was not groundbreaking but it did have the making of the woman she was evolving to be.

Her romcoms show her readiness to explore every dimension of human relationship and make them entertaining. Her movies were sugarcoated, but then how many of us want to go on in life with bitterness in our mouths and minds?

Every time I feel sad over anything, I start a Nora Ephron home film festival, today, I’m going to do that for her.