Merida likes her flaming red curls wiggle in the wind as she bounces around the Scottish highlands. This is one princess who doesn’t want or probably need a prince to justify herself. Perhaps she doesn’t even want to be a princess at times when she is being forced into doing the right things by her mother.

Merida has tiny little triplet brothers who create havoc around the castle but no one bothers to correct them. ‘How to behave taboos’ are mostly meant for girls. Most fairy tales emphasize on a princess looking like one and being treated like one. This ‘princess’ stuff is so deep rooted in every culture in their own way that has been stereotyping women for a while now. Not that there is anything wrong with being a princess but somehow our fiction princesses are either waiting to kiss frogs, getting rescued from castles and dragons and waiting for their knights in shining armor. Merida is her own knight in shining armor.

On the whole the story had some good laughs and women who have gone crazy bickering with their mothers as teenagers will identify more with Merida and her mom. But I like the mamma bear better than the real queen. Well, that’s just the little kid in me talking. I want to see more of Merida and her adventures. It is refreshing to see a princess who doesn’t need to be rescued.