ImageIndia loves Oscars, even if the academy of motion picture isn’t too eager to celebrate Indian movie industry year after year. Majority of award functions (concerning books, movies, music, beauty industry) and paegents have their own ‘culture’ and a pattern of picking up nominations.

Out of almost 700-800 movies a year that Bollywood churns out (not to mention an equal number of regional cinema), every year we struggle through a ‘shortlist’ of offical entry that gets widely discussed in the media since Lagaan made it big and actually got nominated as one of the best foreign language films of the year.

An offical entry from India has been sent to the Oscars almost every year since more than half a century. The list includes some real stunners like Mother India (which actually did get nominated), Guide, Salam Bombay!(That too was nominated), Saaransh, Parinda, Bandit Queen and some other remarkable Hindi and regional movies.

However, since a while now every year these offical entries from a particular year are disccussed in India as oscar nominated movies till the real nominations come out in (generally) the January of every year.

Anyone who is aware of existence of a Gujarati film industry knows that it is in trouble. Though somehow this year they’ve managed a movie that reached the ‘shortlist for offical entry’ selection. Still this article here and many such from a variety of publications and media houses make it appear as if the movie is already nominated. This year’s selection ‘Barfi!’ too is talked about in the same vein now.This drama comes up eeehhhvery year!

Why am I nitpicking? This isn’t something life changing, nor does it make any difference to a very crude media in the country, but somehow it seems to show the desperation for the outside approval, at the same time when letting FDI (Fireign Direct Investment) in India is such a huge issue.

I’m too desperate to be politically correct (blame it on my print media training), but there is a good chance movies sent as ‘official entry’ will be talked about as ‘nominated’ by some duds, even when we have the next not-so-intelligent Salman Khan starrer earning 1500 Crore rupees, for no apparent reason.