You don’t need to explain it to anyone why you are a Freddie Mercury fan. The sad fact that we can’t attend a live concert of Queen can be somewhat comforted now. We went for a Queen tribute concert last night that was – for the want of a better word – rocking! 

His doppelganger Gary Mullen (apparently a winner of Stars in Their Eyes) and his band are touring Germany and Austria. ‘One Night of Queen’ did turn out to be what we expected with Gary in his repeated Frddie Mercury rage pose, kept the crowd engaged. An almost full Leiderhalle at Stuttgart on a Tuesday night does have something to do with timelessness of the tunes of course. Standing there dancing and clapping and singing made me realize how his music is still relevant and so is he in this age of meme.

It all started with ‘We well rock you’ that took the ‘Another one bites the dust’ route, leading to ‘Radio Gaga’ and after a lot of other hits accompanying ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, the night ended with ‘We are the champions’.

It is highly unlikely I’ll ever get to go to a real Queen concert anywhere except in my imaginations, but ‘One Night of Queen’ is as close to the real deal as it gets. 

[The first picture is Freddie’s memorial in Montreux, Switzerland that we visited last year. And the one down here is Gary Mullen in his Freddie Avatar]