The thing about reading a lot of old literature is that you end up distancing yourself from what’s current. Not that I don’t use Google Currents, but still keeping up with the ideas constantly streaming is proving to be a tad bit tedious that it was earlier (signs of aging may be). By the time you think you’ve caught up with what is new, even that seems to have got a bit old. And trust me, two months old trend isn’t as classy as 16th century playwrights. So there I am, upgrading my disillusioned blogging skills and thinking that the word ‘blogging’ is also a bit outdated, but still streaming my online activities on tumblr on:
For those who know me, the change in the spelling is deliberate. the क्ष of Hindi that is spelt as ‘ksha’ boggles the Germans, so it gets read as Pratikscha.

I’m determined to keep this place alive as well. So wait for some more Woody Allen blabber, some gushing over Sicilian landscape and food, some flaunting of writing, some fumbling at poetry as well.