Yorma‘s coffee is now one euro ten cents. I totally understand their need to do so. But the world will never be the same again. It was the best coffee you could get for one buck, but now you have to dig for a ten cent every time. And the romance of one coin is gone.

Let me get characteristically defensive and say that it is not about the money, i do stumble into Starbucks more than i need to. My favourite bookstore Hugendubel has a bustling cafe that often gets used. My pretentious side has shown its face in many interesting cafes around Stuttgart and any other place i visit. But the charm of getting that coffee for one handy coin is lost.

Many evenings were spent in summer and early autumn in the schloss garten lying around with that yellow cup.

Alas as people in Mumbai chirp about the newly opened Starbucks, here i am mourning the loss of round figure from my coffee fascination. To think of it the tiny tea cups from Indian kitlis (tea stalls) have shrunk so much that they make Kumar look like the Hulk. But then the man does have a Hulk complex.. Check out the pictures for that..

So i’ve got over the make belief sadness sooner than i expected, but one can’t just let the little things in life pass by. So consider this post my two cents on the increased ten cents, while the real world deals with taxes and mortality and whatever else that is going on right now.