Raise your hands if you end up eating alone more than five times a week. Okay, acknowledging it in your mind will do. I know there is a good number of people out there for whom company over meals is a matter of weekends.

People who have studied away from home, lived alone while single have had these experiences more often than others, but in the end, I wonder if anyone voluntarily loves to eat alone all the time.

Now I love to joke about how very few women do not seek company while looking for a washroom. There is something ridiculous about that behavior pattern. But who wants to go to lunch alone? (those tired of too many people around them, seeking solace and a peaceful meal by themselves please avoid this post)

Grabbing a lunch or a cuppa by yourself is no big deal in any part of the world anymore, but what is it about having company that makes you eat moderately, share pallets, conversations and even sundry small-talk.

I remember laughing at one of those cheesy movie dialogues: A Family that eats together, stays together.

Irony is, with a very close-knit  bonded family and great relationships, more and more people are eating by themselves out of sheer impossibilities of their schedules.

Frankly, except for saving a bit of time, I see no upside to it. I nicked some time from my today’s deadline as I realized once again I will be having lunch alone, I end up reading the ‘lunch time links’ from the Time Magazine. So metaphorically, would I be having lunch with the whole world, or may be I should just watch the latest episode of the Big Bang Theory with my food and be done with it? Sheldon & co. seem to be eating all the time and are always in a group.

No wonder social network is full of restaurant check-ins, pictures of groups and talk of who they are with, after all even our search for the aliens sends out that message… we just want the rest of the universe to know: We are not alone, we just end up eating a few meals by ourselves.

If you must know this picture was last weekend’s allgäuer käsespätzle before watching Silver Linings Playbook. Of course I was not alone. Now don’t think that I like company over meals so that I can get my picture clicked. 😛