When the going is smooth and good, you get this itch to somehow stir things up and take them in some different direction.

To me, it often means more reading. This week is going to be a personal reading marathon. Without taking a break from any of my routine, home stuff, article deadlines, meeting people, I am going to use every single extra minute to read, consciously, not out of leisure.

So far since Monday, I’ve finished Twain’s ‘The Awful German language’. Since my friend Kanika lent it to me, I had left it on my isle, as it is minuscule, it always got left behind. It only qualifies as one long article, rather than a full book. But what it packs in terms of content can rival huge treatises.

Twain’s poking fun at the German language in such an endearing way and still mocks the follies that you end up thinking he loves the language and teases it as he would tease a woman.

Also! (‘you know’ in German) the best gems of this book are worth storing in your mind if you’ve some German friends or intend to visit or move this way. Twain believes, every time a German opens his mouth an ‘Also!’ falls out, and when he closes it, he crunches a couple of them too. The book is pure gold if you are or have ever been subjected to learn German.

After that I started Edward Rutherfurd’s ‘Dublin’, as i have already reached half of it since a month. My daily chores are stepping in the side for this. I will post my impressions of each book separately. I intend to finish ‘Dublin’ in the first half today and then make a trip to the library (making use of the Stuttgart library is another motif behind this, as I leave the town on May 1st.) and see where this reading marathon takes me. Excited.