I picked up Edward Rutherfurd’s Dublin by sheer over confidence and lack of choices. The Degerloch section of public library in Stuttgart has a very small English section, but i am thankful for its existence at all. Out of hardly 20 English fiction titles at a time, they do throw some surprising gems at me. Last year I had found that delightful ‘Uncommon Reader’ from that corner. This time it was ‘Dublin’. My interest in the Irish comes from some awesome writers, actors and artists from the area. Not to forget truckloads of fun we have every time we enter an Irish pub in any city.

Reading ‘Dublin’ has put Ireland on my priority destinations for the future trips. Not that it has any hidden touristic agendas, Rutherfurd’s Dublin is so widely spread, tells stories of descendants of places, people and traditions. It will be really unfair to try to summarise it in any way.

One could also call it a collection of short novels (just trying to justify 800+ pages), and the first one begins in AD 430. The initial chapters have more fiction surrounding the real history and personally in enjoyed reading them more than the later chapters of 1500 where history overshadows the fiction.

The fiery female characters of Deirdre and Caoilinn are crafty but things do seem to go on forever. I started it a month back, and read it in intervals, but really finished it in past 24 hours out of sheer challenge to myself.

I am loving this reading week more with every passing day.