Freud for Beginners: 

Okay, so it was not difficult to finish this book in a couple of hours last night. Freud for Beginners was read for guilty pleasure. Now one does have to be careful while using the word ‘guilt’ and talk about Freud at the same time. 

This one is a comic book biographiy of the master of psycoanalysis. Studying Freud, Jung and the group at the psychology class for 2 years at high school in Ahmedabad in Gujarati language was memorable. But still when you get to experience the life of someone who changed concepts and beliefs, it is bound to make you think. 

This was my first of the ‘for Beginners’ series. I am contemplating ordering more of these. 

Even though the tale is a man’s real life story, you can’t help getting sucked into it like some captivating fiction book, thanks to the author Richard Appignanesi and illustrator Oscar Zarate. 

This is one book out of my reading week that offers more thought-provoking content compared to the time it takes in reading. 

Have started Kiran Desai’s Inheritance of Loss this morning. Let’s see where it takes me.