So Cormoran Strike is a private auror/detective, a younger, better looking Mad Eye Moody with his very own Tonks errrr Robin.

Rowling is in her familiar territory. She sets up beautiful central characters and is somehow marvelous at coming up with platonic (if there is such a thing, remember Harry and Hermione?) friendships, attachments between a man and a woman.

The suspense is predictable, but the way we reach there is fun enough. I read eehhvvery thing, so reading a crime novel wasn’t too bad for a light weekend reading. I did finish it in two sittings (though i also devoured those mammoth HP books in the same fashion, several times).

If I hadn’t known it was written by Rowling, I may not have picked it up. And yet it was the endearment that I hold for the writer that made me go dewy eyed when Robin and Strike have to part at the end, but decide to stay on and work together. I look forward to more Strike and Robin adventures now.

‘The Casual Vacancy’ last year was drab, the pressure was palpable. But here in this grim but practical London of Cormoran Strike, things aren’t so bad.

Her understanding of media, its relevance and people’s greed for gossip makes for an interesting read. I am almost wishing for her to come up with a chic-lit piece revolving around media, of course with another name.

The whole accidental name revelation bit becomes even more ironical in the end where Strike himself is remembering Tennyson’s Ulysses, ‘I am become a name.’ Rowling can’t run too far away from the shadow of her popularity…