Today on Eiserner Steg, that so called ‘love’ bridge in the commercial and ironically beautiful Frankfurt there was a sudden growth of locks that wasn’t present there couple of years back. And I realized these locks are everywhere.
First time I had seen them on the bridge in Cologne. Then in Paris, then on via dell’amore in Cinque Terre and then again in Paris and in Rome, in Prague, they are all over Europe and I suspect they are taking over the world. 

  My guess is they are a cross between a penny in a fountain and the threads tied in temples or the names carved on landmarks. I can turn into a predictable pile of mush and say there are so many people who believe in their everlasting love. But then the correct side of my brain kicks in and suggests that there is some locksmith out there with an amazing business plan and even better word of mouth.

I am a big fan of romance. These padlocked bridges and public places do have an artistic air to them.Do they add to the mystique of a landmark or are cluttering the cities is a matter of controversies (someone must make a quip about bad economy and important things in life here), but people do seem to spend enough thought, time and money behind these love padlocks and many half-baked historical stories have been invented to make them more appealing.
But the increasing need for constant need to symbolize your love through tiny iron mechanisms and not limiting it to shiny expensive rocks (which are non-negotiable) is worrying me.  
May by these days, to get lucky you have to get ‘lock’ey… Whatever happened to ‘if you love someone set them free’…