My German copy of The Fault in our Stars (Das Schicksal ist Ein Mieser Verraeter)
My German copy of The Fault in our Stars (Das Schicksal ist Ein Mieser Verraeter)

I’m unable to decide if I want this post to be about how writers deal with fame or just a rant about how dealing with daunting fame could be tough for a seemingly normal person. Let’s see where it ends up…

Like a lot of awesome things in my life, JK Rowling was indirectly responsible for how I ended up on the youtube channel of John and Hank Green. In 2007 when I heard ‘Accio Deathly Hallows’ along with the concept of Wizard Rock as a genre and the existence of the vlogbrothers kind of changed the way I looked at the Internet. For a long time it existed in the background of my mind till I read ‘The Fault in our Stars’. The hysteria-inducing book didn’t make me realize at first that it is the very same John Green and then followed a binge youtube video surfing that these days happens the moment you come across a ‘celebrity’.

And still applying the term celebrity to John Green felt difficult. As someone who has worked around celebrity culture through tabloid writing, interviewing film related people I understand that celebrities are often those who go around with a sort of attitude of entitlement and behave as if they are a gift to their fandom. They want to guard their privacy which they very well can if they wanted to and still complain about a lot of things after fake thanking their fans for everything. It is very easy and very difficult to  see genuine people these days. May be the fault lies in the way we treat our ‘stars’, or the way they treat fame.

And here comes an internet savvy author whose entire USP is deeply rooted in how accessible and normal and yet extra ordinarily talented he is, becomes so popular that you start worrying that at some point hope he does not shut off from the world.

His books don’t only communicate to the teenagers, they are little pieces of new age literature sans the pomp of the traditional literati and catch the edginess associated with our times with appropriate amounts of sugar.

I’m gobbling up all things John Green at the moment and have reached ‘Papertowns’. Perhaps instead of fearing how fame of this magnitude may change him, there is a possibility he may directly or indirectly dole out a few lessons to a lot of old and new celebs about how to deal with fame and still be normal and productive. May be a Crash Course video on How to survive Fame? Looking at his this week’s video, I’m pretty sure there isn’t much to fear. He just needs to stick to his own mantra, DFTBA.