So I’m playing Family of the Year’s Hero on loop and like millions of movie buffs, ‘Boyhood‘ made me obsessed with that song.boyhood

We watched ‘Boyhood’ over the holidays. It was followed by a very big stack of discs and all the leftover movies that we either missed in the theater or decided to wait for the DVD. Turns out our library only had the German version of it. We decided to go with it any way. So watching Boyhood in our newly acquired language made it even more special.

Everyone interested by now knows how the movie was made over the span of 12 years, and Richard Linklater shot the movie for a few days every year and captured the real life growth of a family. And it is so subtle it hits you on a very different level.boyhood2

Music, hobbies , existential crisis, bad decisions, good and bad haircuts, dwindling confidence, it has everything that makes a normal life. And I get a feeling it has had a very profound influence on Ellar Coltrane who plays the central character Mason who grows up to a unique boy, just like everyone else.

Generally, experiments of art can be interpreted as pretentious at some or the other level. Boyhood defies that. It tells you your own story. No matter what culture you come from, growing up is hard and normal and everything we never expected, but have to go through anyway.

You have to watch it for yourself. Award season has its own process, but for me this movie wrote a permanent place on my all time favourite list.