I was waiting and waiting and waiting to feel positive enough to write here and that moment has finally arrived.

Too much awareness of what’s going around you can often result into numbing of senses, or at least i seem to think that happened to me. My excitement levels about things that i actually loved doing were scarily subdued. Yet, i knew and waited for a random trigger that makes me want to be excited and happy about things i love.

Many such triggers came this year:

– We bought our first German apartment

– We survived a crazy, emotionally taxing road trip in the US, not to mention the constant loop of travelling and writing about it.


– I finally got back to the classroom to teach

– My first longish short story in Gujarati was published.  If you can read the language, here you go: No-Hard-Feelings

Still i could not find my trigger. Turns out, when you are looking for getting excited about little things, big changes are not going to cut it.

So comes along an enthusiastic Hank Green video about feeling all charged up while looking at other people getting excited about their own interests, set me off.

I am glad i saw it on the morning of Gujarati New Year. Great wishes to everyone who celebrates, while i sink into my little bubble of new found excitement.

I also kind of feel inspired by this School of Life piece on ‘Wisdom of Pessimism’ that sensibly talks about pressures of constantly being positive. But wallowing in harsh reality doesn’t work either.

Search for balance continues…at least i will be writing about subjects that excite me while that goes on.