Swinging between optimism and utter pessimism, you wonder if everything is ever going to be okay? And forget to enjoy the fact that everything is okay right now and that’s something to cherish.

You watch, read, think about, listen to things that mostly don’t matter to you or concern you. Isn’t 90 per cent of our time occupied by irrelevant, unnecessary things?

Finding coherence in thoughts you intentionally feel satisfied in being misunderstood. That would be perfect. But you know what will be horrible? Being ignored. Even those doing the ignoring want to be noticed for the fact that they are ignoring.

The world moves about in circles, goals, to-do lists, discipline, targets, status reports, even creativity doesn’t yield if you don’t work on a time table. The only thing about the creative-types is, their time table emerges out of the chaos, it is not pre-determined.

No one tells you that achieving exactly what you set out to get can be anti-climactic, and when you feign satisfaction, the act of fooling yourself makes the self hatred bearable.

The inner monologue is a dangerous beast. Especially when you are supposed to limit your output to simple language that your target audience can understand. When the only person you wish to reach lives inside your own head, keep an open mind, people love strong opinion, but just be the right amount of opinionated.