A couple of years back, i landed up on a stand up routine by an extremely handsome African comedian. I did what we addicted to binge videos folks do. I watched almost every recorded performance of his. I gushed about him to my friend Wangui who was familiar with his work in African stand up circuit.

Cut to few months later, he was taking over the Daily Show from Jon Stewart. While i am at it, i must confess to a obvoius problem of access-late-night-chat-show watching. Meanwhile Trevor started his stint. It felt a bit underwhelming. In the time of American political situation providing abundance of comedy content, i have had enough of late night talk shows. Now i have limited it all to only Colbert, and Meyers and Fallon and may be sometimes Trevor.

Cut to last month, i find his memoir/stories from a South African childhood very aptly titled: Born a Crime.

I started it with high expectations and these days it happens quite seldom, it mesmerized me with the subtlety, nuances and lack of attempt at sense of humour. This man is a natural. I was in tears by the time the book ended.
What i identified with the most was how his story ended up with his mom as the protagonist. Her struggles, positivity, his choice of odd paths, African sociopolitical milieu, it all reaches the reader’s mind through the filter that Noah is widely successful and none of it makes sense now, yet it all falls into place.

This is my third book this year that isn’t on my reading list. I’m getting odd track in the best possible way.