Making sense on the Internet isn’t very trendy, but not caring about what’s trendy has its benefits. This post is all about me coming to terms with cooking without feeling like a domesticated animal. The number of men who cook now have definitely improved and that includes the man in my house who can pull off most recipes when he wants to or has to. Tasks are well divided. Still when a man cooks, he goes on the list of a sensitive, caring person and a woman who cooks isn’t supposed to be a big deal. No extra star for sensitivity there.

Never had i ever imagined in my teenage years as a fiery feminist that i would cook as often as i do now, and for most parts it is only for me. And somehow it makes me feel like an evolved version of myself.

It took me some time to reach this phase. As a feminist (with supposed theoretical education and understanding of it), i was unconsciously shaming myself for cooking, so my education and understanding needed some fine tuning. I still couldn’t help cooking, because my love for food trumped feminist theory, still i knew i suffocated some of my inner false feminist ideas by baking too many cupcakes.

It was a silly, but dangerous thought process, i could have talked myself out of this with some good reasoning and logic in a few seconds, but i continued with the food-shaming of this different kind. 

Why am i talking about it now? These past couple of months, i have been trying to eat clean and healthy after some health issues. This also means to control what i am stuffing my ego and stomach with, and self-cooked meals were the best route to take.
This situation coincided with Michael Pollan sharing articles like “Why do we prefer food culture over actual cooking, and what does that say about the future of food?” and i took my cooking habits out of the limited perspective i had attached to it. And Chimamanda came to my rescue. She says, “The knowledge of cooking does not come pre-installed in a vagina. Cooking is learned. Cooking – domestic work in general – is a life skill that both men and women should ideally have. It is also a skill that can elude both men and women.”

Who knew I just needed some good dose of reading to fine tune my out of control cooking habits. Cooking and feminism can happily co-exist. Some of my friends often complain about ‘oh i don’t have time to cook’ nonsense. Trust me darling, i don’t have time for nonsense either. Cooking, i make time for that. Just like i make time for reading and exercise. There is a need to look at it as a restorative activity and not a chore. A meal doesn’t have to be elborate. 

So this week, the man is away on a work trip and usually when i’m alone, i eat inexplicable unhealthy things. I took it up as a challenge to not fall off the wagon and continue with healthy eating habits. I even went on a baking spree for a friend’s baby shower. If you wish, feast your eyes with images of a few things i made in past 2-3 days, feeding the feminist in me.

There is a lot more to talk about, on this subject as well as ehhhverything else. Stay tuned…