Once a correspondent with The Times of India, now a columnist for Mumbai Samachar, Sandesh, Sanwari and Cover Focus writer for Femina, Occasional Op-ed writer for The Tribune India and a writer of one technology and one travel book. When I still feel like writing some more, I’m here.

I haven’t shared all my work here. Still to glimpse through some of it, do browse through:

The seemingly longest doctorate in English literature on the planet was over in December 2011. And it was boringly titled ‘Time, Space and Fantasy in the Novels of H G Wells, Arthur C Clarke and J K Rowing.’ (Really!) I wanted to call it ‘Idea, Imagination and Fantasy: A subverted reality’,  I still got to keep some part of it.

For anyone interested the thesis is available online, will be happy to help in the subject as well. Just drop in a line if you plan to quote it or use it in any other way, with credit of course!


3 thoughts on “Bio

  1. I would keep on hoping that you still feel writing some more coz some ppl love reading your travel your stuff especially ur travel columns

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