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Casually titled યુરોપમાં હરતાંફરતાં (2011-12) – Europe through the eyes of a contemporary Gujju girl, is simply a travelogue. I promise a fun read if you have already or wish to travel to some usual and some rare places across Europe and of course you need to be able to read Gujarati. It is anyway 26th most spoken language in the world, which isn’t too bad in the larger scheme of things.
The story behind this book involves some gorgeous corners of Europe, some out of the world experiences with beautiful people and some unexpected snubs from expected publishers before I went to ever bankable Gurjar prakashan. Anyone aware of Gujarati publication industry knows they’re the best there is and I’m glad the project finally went to them.
I opted for the traditional publishing cause no matter how advanced the self-publishing industry has become, Gujarati readers and the marketing channels are yet to experience that revolution. Gujjus travel a lot and they are not known for being great readers, they do love to see the world, gush about their experiences and share it with others. That’s exactly what I’ve done here. It’s not a guidebook [though it can help you figure out your itinerary] it is more of a personal view point and experiences with splashes of fun here and there. If you’ve traveled a lot, wish to travel or just like a light informative read, chances are you’ll enjoy it.
I’m still in Germany and haven’t been able to launch it but the book has launched itself on the store shelves in Gujarati section.
Web@home was published in 2002-03 by Halchal Publications. It is a collection of articles published in Jansatta-Loksatta from 1999 to 2002 about history, use and spread of internet in the early years. The column started in Gujarat when internet was still not as widely used as it is today.
Internet addiction before it all became too mainstream resulted into this book. Still some parts of the book are now obsolete, its main USP now is for regional corners of Gujarat where elderly can learn how to get online and be amazed at the possibilities.

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  1. ”europe ma farta farta” i really appreciate this book…i read your one paragraph of ”visit to costa bravo” hair saoon…and i directly email you bcoz i really like your writing can write good..i like it.

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